Lions, and Tigers, and Bears OH MY! Well they think they are!












Why are we setting up a pet page?  What does that have to do with Real Estate?  Well everything and nothing!  You do need a place to house all your family members (four legged as well).  But my real motive was to share some of the information and perhaps learn some info from you all too! 

Besides being an animal lover, I have puppies on my mind!  For Christmas my family decided it was time for a new member of the family.  So little Zoe joined the clan.  Now it has been several years since we have had a puppy in the house and like many of you I had forgotten more than I can remember!  So I pulled out all the puppy training books and started my search on the website for Puppy tips!  Coming across a ton of info and now finding my email box full of more, I thought I would share this information with you all!

I would also like to invite you to share your members of your family with us.  Please feel free to email us your pet pictures.  

If you would like to respond to any of the articles we will be putting up, please feel free to do that too!  After all I can use all the help I can get!  By the way it doesn't have to be about Puppies.  Just use the Feedback area below.  Pictures you will need to email us direct at

Here's my first Puppy tip.  You don't have to buy expensive doggy treats, Cheerios work great!  They are easy to carry, not stinky and a lot less money for a box of Cheerios then those more expensive doggy treats.  Make your puppy do something before you give them a treat, and you have to give it to them fast so they will figure out what the did right!  Zoe just turned 12 weeks and she now knows what sit, down and come means.  Now we still have some work to do on pee pee outside!  At least she is using the pee pee pad!  Good girl!